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July 2009

Microsoft and Yahoo Deals on Internet Search

Microsoft finally persuaded Yahoo to surrender control of the Internet’s second most popular search engine and join it in a daunting battle — taking on the overwhelming dominance of Google in the online advertising market. A 10-year deal announced Wednesday gives Microsoft its best shot yet to show its new search technology, Bing, is as good as or better than Google’s. Microsoft also hopes to use Yahoo to divert sales …Read More

Google Latest Cheat Sheet

OPERATOR EXAMPLE FINDS PAGES CONTAINING… SEO Guru the words SEO and Guru SEO OR Guru either the word SEO or the word Guru “SEO in Guru in Ind a“ the exact phrase SEO Guru in India SEO  –Guru the word SEO but NOT the word Guru +SEO Only the word SEO, and not the plural or any tenses or synonyms ~auto loan loan info for both the word auto and …Read More

What is Twittorati – Technorati’s new launch

Accordig to Richard Jalichandra from technorati We’re asked all the time how platforms like Twitter and Facebook are impacting the Blogosphere. This is what we’re seeing: Twitter is not replacing blogs, but it has evolved as a major awareness vehicle for bloggers and people who read blogs (same goes for Facebook status updates). So the idea behind Twittorati was to allow people to view the topical geist that the most influential …Read More