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April 2011

Digial marketing & WWF PDF Downloader

WWF format is a pdf format that doesn’t print to save papers.  So next question in your mind should be”how it is helping in Digital Marketing”.  Its tough for me  to answer it right now. Well lets see some other quotes ” 60 % of Apple’s 2010 sales came from products that did not exists 3 years ago.” ” Create a web of connected people not pages.” ” Digitalize offline …Read More

How does Google determine a Thin Affiliate website ?

“Thin Affiliate” is a label applied when Google thinks you have created a site that is completely focused on affiliate links (PPC ads, paid adverts, links to other merchants etc.) and doesn’t offer anything else of value. It’s simple to understand you have a website and you  purchased one script to build an online store. By using such scripts you can build store in minutes. I am not saying such …Read More

The SEO Industry Needs Some Reputation Management

Scammers and spammers have helped turn SEO from a three-letter acronym into a four-letter word. It’s time to clear the good name of SEO and convince the public that SEO isn’t all dirty schemes cooked up by crooks and liars. …

Technical SEO: Tools and Approach

Where do you start? What types of areas should you be investigating, and why? What factors really matter? What tools should you use? Your questions answered here. …