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July 2011

Changes in SEO Training Modules & Location in Noida

Hello folks, we have included new paradigm in our SEO Training Programs. Now we are working on Google Reverse Engineering Model of ranking.  Five new thing we have added in our SEO Training Noida Center. We changed our location, now we have big space in Sector -10 We have started giving free domain and hosting space to the student /corporate to get more in-depth of web. We have added new …Read More

How your Analytic Tool is calculating conversions for you? Is this what you are looking for?

Well it was a very good discussion with Angie one of my client provides Hybrid Analytics solutions to their end client. As an Analytic consultant for them each time I have to be well prepared for various  questions. But the most common question is of CONVERSION. Its easy to explain end client, but it’s tough to explain Angie J.  Angie this is something specially I am writing for you J. Conversion Rate …Read More

Google pushing all ‘Profiles’ pages public July 31 in Google+ transition

Google pushing all ‘Profiles’ pages public July 31 in Google+ transition Old Google Profiles are being switched over to Google+ profiles in the tech giant’s integration of existing products into its suite of social networking service called Google+, and on July 31 another big step will take place — all Google Profiles will go public. That means those who have Google Profiles pages set to “private” will no longer have …Read More

Social Media Strategy: How To Generate Social Content That Gets Clicked

How To Generate Social Content That Gets Clicked: So, today I wanted to share a list of approaches I’ve taken to brainstorming and generating social content with my clients and partners. Take a look at the list below and let me know what you think. * Scan hash tags and search terms within your industry regularly on Twitter. See what issues are bubbling to the top and write about those. …Read More

Google+ Project: 39 Things You Should Know About Google+ Project

39 Things You Should Know About Google+ This isn’t every single thing there is to know about Google+. That could probably be a book rather than an article, and the Google+ Project has only just begun. If Google has its way, it will live on for years. Or it could go the Google Wave route. It’s just too early to tell. While we’ll no doubt learn plenty more about Google+ …Read More

Google Places Page:Making the Most of Local SEO With A Google Places Page

Local SEO With A Google Places Page Like most small business owners with their first website, I didn’t immediately understand the importance of keywords and search engine optimization when it comes to being found by customers who live virtually on your doorstep. And that’s where Local SEO is a key factor. Statistics have shown that most customers will buy from businesses located within five miles of their base. It’s almost …Read More

Go Daddy Sold For $2.25 Billion – Is it Good for me ?

The parent company of GoDaddy.com, a high domain registrar involving Internet domain names, has been sold to a group of private investment companies just for $2.25 billion, a person familiar with the transaction told The Associated Press. Go Daddy Group Inc.’s sale to KKR, Silver Lake and Technology Crossover Ventures comes as the company needs to top $1.1 billion in revenue this year because expanding Internet use has fueled the …Read More

Pilot Webmaster Tools’ Search Queries data in Google Analytics

Pilot Webmaster Tools’ Search Queries data in Google Analytics Webmasters have long been asking for better integration between Google Webmaster Tools andGoogle Analytics. Today we’re happy to announce a limited pilot for Search Engine Optimization reports in Google Analytics, based on Search Queries data from Webmaster Tools. In addition to including Search Queries data found in Webmaster Tools, these Search Engine Optimization reports also take advantage of Google Analytics’ advanced filtering and visualization …Read More

Supporting rel=”canonical” HTTP Headers

Supporting rel=”canonical” HTTP Headers Based on your feedback, we’re happy to announce that Google web search now supports link rel=”canonical” relationships specified in HTTP headers as per the syntax described in section 5 of IETF RFC 5988. Webmasters can use rel=”canonical” HTTP headers to signal the canonical URL for both HTML documents and other types of content such as PDF files. To see the rel=”canonical” HTTP header in action, let’s look at …Read More

+1 reporting in Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics, connect with the people you trust online

It’s been a busy week for us here at the Googleplex. First we released +1 buttons to Google search sites globally, then we announced the beginning of the Google+ project. The +1 button and the Google+ project are both about making it easier to connect with the people you trust online. For the +1 button, that means bringing advice from trusted friends and contacts right into Google search, letting the users who love …Read More