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January 2012

Google+ Badges now available with various options

Google has gone ahead and released Google+ badges for promoting Google+ on your website. They are adding various options for integrating Google+ badge in the website. This badge can be configured as per website design. It even comes with a unified +1 and circle count. Google+ batch will work in promoting your website and enable visitors to connect to your website in several ways and they can follow the page, …Read More

New additions to sitemaps

Google has made changes to the sitemap and now you will be able to see statistics from images, videos, web and news. The statistics let you see how many items of each type were submitted and in case of content types, it shows how many items got indexed. It has replaced the existing Video Sitemaps Lab feature. It can even test a sitemap and check it for errors. It needs …Read More

Top search query updation

Google has gone ahead and updated their Top Search Queries feature to improve search engine ranking expectations. Earlier Google reported the average position of all URLs from a site for a particular query but now it will average the top position which a URL from a site appeared in. Google has quoted an example to make it understand better: Let’s say Nick searched for [bacon] and URLs from your site …Read More

How to make form filling easier, faster and intelligently

Filling online forms can be a problem and is one of the biggest challenges of conversion funnel. It can be a tedious process and at times can cause the visitor across the site to leave it. In order to overcome this challenge, Chrome Autofill and other form-filling options help in memorizing common profile information and pre –populating form with various values. Till now, it was difficult for webmasters to make …Read More

Google’s New Page Layout Update Targets Sites With Too Many Ads

Is your website ad heavy? You may be in trouble. Google has announced  a new algorithm tweak that will lower the rankings of websites that Google determines is providing a bad user experience – a move Google hinted was in the works in November. Google’s Distinguished Engineer Matt Cutts, in a blog post, reported that the “Page Layout algorithmic improvement” will effect 1 percent of searches globally – which is …Read More

Google announces changes to page layout algorithm

Another announcement and probably another big algorithm change announced by Google. The “big daddy” of all search engines has gone ahead and announced a new algorithm change aimed at the webpage layout and the amount of content visible on the webpage. Websites having less of content and more of ads above the fold will be considerably affected by this algorithm change. This has been done to improve actual user experience …Read More

Focus More on Page Titles

Page titles are an important part of our search results: they’re the first line of each result and they’re the actual links our searchers click to reach websites. Our advice to webmasters has always been to write unique, descriptive page titles (and meta descriptions for the snippets) to describe to searchers what the page is about. We use many signals to decide which title to show to users, primarily the …Read More

How to generate better page title for Google

One of the important factors in search results is the page title as it is first line of every search result and is the link which every searcher clicks for reaching to the website. As per Google guideline, we must always strive to write unique and descriptive page titles to explain what the webpage is all about. On certain occasions, the title specified might not be suitable for a search …Read More