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February 2012

How to Write Title Tags For SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Nothing is more basically important to a site than properly written title tags. You know the ones that used to appear in the little blue bars in your browsers. Most modern browsers try to hide these, though that doesn’t stop them being helpful! what is a title tag? Why is it important to SEO, and how do you write the darn things? Meta Tags First let’s talk about meta tags. …Read More

Videos and schema.org markup

Videos are well searched on Google and in order to get it indexed better, Google has launched video support for schema.org which is a joint collaboration between Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! and Yandex and is one of the best ways for describing videos on the web. These html tags are pretty simple and can be easily added to websites. Adding the markup is very much similar to adding any other schema.org …Read More

How to prepare your website for traffic surge

You never know when an article on your website can cause surge in traffic and therefore you must always be ready for it. Here are certain tips on how you must prepare your website for sudden spike in traffic. Check out these tips which you must keep in mind while creating your website: Create lightweight version website 1)    Try to avoid images or flash wherever possible. 2)    Make use of …Read More