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March 2012

Follow good SEO ideas and avoid SEO mistakes

Here are some common SEO mistakes which you should avoid: 1)      Focus on SEO fundaments rather than using tricks for boosting rankings. 2)      You should never think that your website would rank #1 without finding out whether it’s better than competition and helpful to searchers or not. 3)      Never go for SEO hacks but follow best practices for simplifying development. 4)      Be quick in making appropriate changes to your website …Read More

Google makes changes to HTTP Referrer

Google has come up with a proposal for reducing latency when user of Google’s SSL search clicks on a search result with a modern browser such as Chrome. From now on, browsers would be using referrer meta tag for automatically simplifying the referring URL which is sent by browser while visiting a page linked from organic search result. This means results will be faster along with streamlined experience for users. …Read More

Understanding pagination with rel =”next” and rel=”previous”

Paginated content refers to articles which span across several pages or URLs or an e-commerce product category which is spread across multiple pages. By making use of rel=”next” and rel=”prev” markup, you can give Google a hint that you would like to treat this page as logical sequence thereby consolidating linking properties and sending searchers to the first page. While implementing rel=”next” and rel=”prev” on component pages of a series, …Read More

Changes to crawl error feature in Google Webmaster Tool

Google has gone ahead and made some changes to crawl error feature in webmaster tool. Earlier Google used to show around 100,000 errors of each type but now it will show some of the most important errors. For every category, now Google would be showing 1000 most important errors. List of pages blocked by robots.txt will also be removed. Errors have been ranked so that you fix the important ones …Read More

Free hosting service and spam issues

Implementing free web hosting service can be a good option which can help in lowering costs and technical barriers for webmasters. Spammers tend to use these free services for creating spam websites which add no value to the web. Google takes appropriate steps to prevent such websites from natural search results. In case free hosting services start reflecting patterns of spam, Google takes action against spam pages or website but …Read More

Now webmaster tool gives the option of limited access

Google has gone ahead and made changes to webmaster tools. Earlier one could offer full access to other users to the data in webmaster tools but now a new user administration feature has been added. On the home page of webmaster tool, when you click on the “manage site” drop down menu, the “Add or remove owners” option has been replaced by “Add or remove users”. This menu option will …Read More