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April 2012

Creative responsive design for different kinds of search queries

Over the past year, there has been a significant change in the traffic pattern with increase in traffic from mobile devices of late. There has been increase in pageviews from tablets and smartphones. There is a need to provide good browsing experience for all users. Though creating two sites would enable to target specific hardware but by creating a single website helps in preserving the canonical URL, simplify sharing of …Read More

Get more data on top search queries with Google Webmaster Tool

From now on in Google webmaster you will be able to see up to ninety days of historical data. All you need to do is click on the date picker in the top right of search queries to view data. For viewing 90 days data, the option for viewing the changes will be disabled. In case you are willing to see the changes with respect to previous time period, the …Read More

How to index your images in Google in a better manner?

Google can index images in various formats such as JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, SVG. and WebP. Google cannot read images therefore it includes certain factors such as looking into the text content on the page, page title and body, take references from image filename, anchor text pointing to it, alt text and caption provided in the image sitemap in case that text also exists on the page. In order to …Read More

Google webmaster tool retires certain features

Comes spring and Google gets on its mission of retiring features which don’t make much of contribution. In webmaster tool, Google will go ahead and remove Create robots.txt tool, Subscriber stats feature and site performance features in the next two weeks. Subscriber stat tells about the number of subscribers to an RSS or atom feed. This functionality is now available in Feedburner. Create robots.txt tool has been removed from webmaster …Read More

Google makes algorithm changes to reward high quality websites

In order to improve SERP and return relevant and quality search results to web users, Google has gone ahead and implemented Panda change to return high quality websites in search results. This is expected decrease rankings for low quality websites, copied content, don’t add value for users and are simply not useful for web users. This change is expected to reward high quality websites. Before this page layout algorithm was …Read More

Moving content to new address

We make changes to website from time to time and in case you intend to change the location of your content, it involves certain effort and it must be undertaken in a proper manner. Google asks you to follow certain guidelines when you intend to change content in order to understand site structure in a better manner and make it more user friendly. 1)      Use 301 redirects to redirect old …Read More

Google makes updations to rich snippets

Google has gone ahead and made updations to rich snippets. The first updation is that product rich snippets which were earlier available in limited set of locales are now supported globally. So the same information will be available across the globe irrespective of the location from where it is being searched. Secondly, Google has gone ahead and also made updations to rich snippets testing tool for supporting HTML input. This …Read More