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July 2012

You asked, we listened: Most requested features now in Yahoo! Axis 1.1

Back in May, we launched Yahoo! Axis – a visually rich new search browser that seamlessly connects search and browse experiences across your desktop and iOS devices.  The response that we got was enthusiastic – you can check out some of the reviews here and here. But, we’re most excited about all the comments, questions and feature ideas that we got from you all – our users. Last night, we …Read More

Google launches new notifications about inbound links

Google is now sending new link messages where it informs webmasters that they are taking targeted action on unnatural links rather than complete website as a whole. The message comes minus the yellow exclamation mark which other messages have and implies that Google is addressing a situation which is not as sever as the previous messages which stated that we are losing trust in complete website. You must pay attention …Read More

On Your Marks, Get Set, Search!

The Summer Games officially kick off today! Yes, four long years since the spectacular Summer Games of Beijing have all but elapsed, and it’s time to sit back and soak up the wonder of the Games in London. But where to start? So many athletes … how did my favorites do? So many sports you only follow every four years…what exactly are the rules to archery, again? And so many …Read More

Index feature status added to Webmaster Tools

Google has made another addition to its webmaster tool by adding Index status feature to it. Now you will be able to easily find out how many pages of your website are in the Google index. This feature has been added under the health menu section where you will be able to see pages indexed in graph format. You will get to see the latest figures with data up to …Read More

Google and Web Semantics

Semantics is a reference to semantic markup which implies markup used as per its meaning and purpose. This means markup which is used as per the purpose implies use of heading elements for markup heading or paragraph elements for paragraphs or lists for list. Earlier webmasters had limited choices and they concentrated on using tables and table cells for coding entire website. Till now, authors were not certain about which …Read More

Webmaster tool gets new crawl error alerts

Google has rolled out crawl error alerts which will communicate webmasters about the healthy of their websites. As Googlebot visits the website on a regular basis, from now on it will keep you informed about any of your pages returning HTTP error response code or any connectivity issues. The crawl error feature has been divided into two types – site error and URL error. Site errors take place when it …Read More

Don’t Be Fooled by Good News

There are many moving parts in the search space and good news can be the result of bad news – don’t undermine your credibility by jumping the gun, but rather look for an explanation for the good news.