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October 2012

My Halloween costume for 2012: Matt Romney!

My fellow Americans, I’d like to introduce my latest Halloween costume: Matt Romney! My five-point plan for the Mitt Romney Halloween costume went like this: Start with a suit and tie. Put a little silver in my sideburns. My wife used some silver and white eye shadow. Swoosh the hair up a little bit and lock it in with hairspray. Take off the glasses, and Add a flag. Boom! This …Read More

Revenues for HY 2012

Revenues for HY2012 totaled $17.0 billion, $2.1 billion (or 14.0%) higher than HY 2011. Year-to-date revenues show positive  growth.      

Google releases a disavow links tool: who should use it and what does it do?

With the release of the Penguin update, Google started to count bad links as a negative ranking signal. Many webmasters worried that other people might create bad backlinks to harm their website rankings. The new disavow link tool enables webmasters to tell Google that particular links should not count.

Google introduces new tool to disavow links

A new tool has been introduced by Google which reject links to a website. In case a website receives notification regarding unnatural links pointing to a website, the disavow tool can help in addressing this issue. Google always recommends to remove low quality links from the web to prevent your website from getting penalized and protecting reputation of your website. In certain cases it is not possible to remove low …Read More

Official Google statement: changes in Google’s ranking algorithm

Some days ago, Google published a list of the ranking algorithm updates that were done during the last two months. How do these changes influence the position of your website in Google’s search results and what do you have to do to make sure that your website gets high rankings?

mod_pagespeed is now out of beta

mod_pagespeed is now out of beta after eighteen releases and two years of existence. More than 120,000 websites are already using it for improving web page performance and is being put to use  by leading websites and hosting providers. Now more websites are expected to benefit from the web  performance improvements being offered through mod_pagespeed. It is expected to pay an important role in helping to make web faster for …Read More