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November 2012

How to improve the look of your page with rich snippets

Rich snippets help you to improve the look of your website on Google’s search results pages. Pages that use rich snippets usually get more clicks than web pages that are displayed without them. How can you make sure that Google displays your website with additional information?

Talking Turkey!

How did Thanksgiving come around so quickly? With the election just finishing up late last week, you could be excused for being a little behind on your holiday planning. But not to worry, Yahoo! Search has been hard at work on another collection of rich content to get you inspired and organized for this year’s Turkey Day celebration. Whether you are looking for inspiration in the kitchen, ways to keep …Read More

PubCon 2012 slides: disavow links tool

I spoke at PubCon 2012 last month in Las Vegas. A couple people have asked for my slides, so here they are: Several of the slides have links to additional information, in case you’re interested. We announced the disavow links tool during my session so that’s what a lot of the slides are about.

The Changing Trends of SEO Training Industry in India

It’s almost 10 years SEO Guru is serving the industry as very first and # 1 Trainer of North India. Today I have a chance to have words with him and write down some improving trends in online marketing industry of India. SEO guru started their SEO training program  in 2002, and you will astonished to hear at that time the awareness was Nil. SEO Guru successfully contributed 400+ SEO …Read More

Just the Ticket!

It’s hard to believe that four years have passed since Barack Obama went toe-to-toe with John McCain for the White House – and yet, here we again. As always, there are plenty of eyes on the big prize as President Obama squares off against Governor Mitt Romney for the top job. Yahoo! Search is doing its bit to make sure the information you want for all your election needs is …Read More

New 30 day challenge: get good sleep

For October 2012, I tried to practice the ukulele every day. I ended up doing more traveling than I expected, but I managed to play ukulele most of the days. I’m still a total beginner, but it was a lot of fun! My favorite song to play so far is M.T.A. by the Kingston Trio. My Dad used to play that sometimes as I was growing up. For November 2012, …Read More