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December 2012

Taking a week off from the internet

The end of the year is a perfect time to think about goals. Did you get done what you wanted in 2012? What do you want to accomplish in 2013? Instead of setting year-long goals, I’m a big fan of trying out new things for a month at a time: This month I’m going to try to unplug from Twitter and most news. I’m also going to cut down on …Read More

The Axandra Christmas puzzle

We just want to take this time to wish you and your family a happy holiday season! We hope you are all enjoying your holiday! Take this time to enjoy your family and get ready for a New Year!

All Yule Need this Holiday Season

With less than a week to go until Christmas, come to Yahoo! Search to find quick answers, and inspiring ideas for all your holiday needs. We’ve been busy in the kitchen, bringing you inspiring and creative ideas for Christmas treats and essentials. Search for [Christmas cookies] to find plenty of handy recipes, along with pictures, reviews and ingredients right at your fingertips. Try [Christmas side dishes] and [Christmas desserts] to …Read More

A five step plan for your 2013 link building campaign

Backlinks are still the most important ranking signal of Google, Bing and other search engines. Since Google’s Penguin update, bulk-link spam doesn’t work anymore and the quality of the backlinks has become more important than ever before. This week’s article helps you to make a successful link building plan for 2013.

First things first: how to get a solid foundation for high rankings

If you do it right, search engine optimization is not difficult. Do the right things in the right order and your website will get the rankings it deserves. Unfortunately, many webmasters try to run before they can walk. This week’s article will help you to get the basics right.

How to Calculate Life Time Value of any Customer ?

In Marketing Life Time Value of the Customer is the prediction of net profit attributed to the future relationship with the Customer. Why I bother about LTVs of my Customers ? I want to know how much each of my customer is worth in terms of Monitory. So that i can decide the spending on such customer to acquire them. There is some Cost of Customer Acquisition (COCA), like spending …Read More