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December 2014

We wish you a prosperous and successful new year!

May all of your plans come true in 2015. To help you on your journey, we’ll continue to provide you with leading-edge website promotion tools that will help you to get more website visitors, more customers, and more sales.

21 things that we have done for you in 2014

If you want to succeed with your website, you need leading-edge tools. That’s why we update and improve SEOprofiler so often. In 2014, we’ve released many new features and improvements that help you to get things done as efficiently as possible.

Is this what Google will use instead of the PageRank algorithm?

Google recently announced that the PageRank toolbar won’t be updated anymore. Does this mean that Google won’t use PageRank as a ranking factor anymore? A Google patent that was granted in September indicates that Google might use some kind of PageRank 2.0 to rank pages.

Keeping the GA Web Experience Modern

We’re continuing to bring you new features and technologies in the design of Google Analytics to provide the best a user experience. With this in mind, starting January 31, 2015 we will no longer support official compatibility of Google Analytics with Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 (IE9). While you can continue to use IE9 after we discontinue support, some features may not work properly going forward. This update maintains our practice …Read More

Refreshing “The Customer Journey to Online Purchase” – New Insights into Marketing Channels

Last year we introduced “The Customer Journey to Online Purchase” — a tool that helped marketers visualize the roles played by marketing channels like paid search, email and display ads in their customers’ journeys. The goal was to help marketers learn more about the customer journeys for their industries. If social makes your customers aware, and email makes them convert — or vice versa — you can make sure you’re …Read More

Google Analytics in AdMob helps mobile app developer Eltsoft go global

Cross-posted on the Inside AdMob Blog  Since March 2014, Google Analytics has been fully available in AdMob, and now app developers are increasingly seeing results by combining data from both platforms. Here’s one story that illustrates the power of AdMob and Google Analytics together. Passion for languages and learning Jason Byrne, and business partner Robert Diem, are passionate about making a difference in education. They came together during their time …Read More