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January 2017

Staying with the US Digital Service

A few months ago, I took a leave of absence from Google to do a stint with the US Digital Service. A lot of people know about the US Digital Service because they helped rescue the healthcare.gov website. But you might not realize that the US Digital Service has helped veterans get their health benefits, brought bug bounties to the federal government, and helped the IRS protect taxpayer info. When …Read More

Google: Crawl Rate & Crawl Demand = Crawl Budget

Several weeks ago, Google told us crawl budget is not what we think it is and promised to write a blog post explaining what Google defines as crawl budget. Well, Gary Illyes posted on the Google blog What Crawl Budget Means for Googlebot…

Google Has Search Quality Raters In Tons Of Countries

The Google quality raters are contractors who work to test and judge experiments in the Google search results. They do not influence the rankings but rather give Google’s engineers more data points to judge how well the algorithms are working…