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April 2017

It’s time to recognize our Premier Google Partners

Our partners are critical to the health of the global marketing ecosystem. With the help of Google Partners, every business — whether it’s a small business or a big brand — can take advantage of the power of the web to deliver business results and grow. One year ago we launched the Premier Google Partner badge to recognize advertising partners who manage a substantial portfolio of Google advertising campaigns and …Read More

The New Google Analytics Home: Know Your Data

We’ve been improving Google Analytics with the goal of making it even easier for anyone to gain the insights they need. Last year, we introduced a fully redesigned mobile app for better insights on the go (which has now been downloaded over a million times!). We then introduced automated insights in the mobile app. Most recently, we simplified our web UI. Today we’re introducing additional enhancements designed to help you …Read More

Introducing Marketing Mix Model Partners: Helping brands better understand the impact of their marketing

CMOs and marketing executives use marketing mix models to understand how their marketing investments are driving sales and how to optimize their spend across multiple brands, channels, and regions. With rising investment in digital and mobile advertising, marketers want to be sure the models they use correctly value the impact of these channels. Today we’re excited to announce a program to help marketing mix model providers better incorporate Google media …Read More