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At THE SEO GURU, our USP is, we plan and run online marketing campaigns all across the borders. For years we are excelling in providing our clients with digital marketing solutions, being an agency that has international reach. We have been rank holder in the industry with a proven history record of providing our services to some biggest brands in the world.

So, if your brand is looking forward to launch an online international campaign targeting various countries at the same time, we are the best people for you. Allow us to design a campaign that matches to your brands needs, targets with lowest rates on offer in the industry. We include coordination of the project, localization of your campaign, identifying the KPI, and maximize your target audience market that was unable to reach until now in your campaign strategy.

With our international offices in India, US, Germany and Australia, we have some best professionals working who make even the complex projects easy and design them with all that perfection that you can think of, making it more suitable to be run across desired territories and countries, and in the target area specific language. We manage SEO, PPC, Affiliates, Display and Multi Channel campaigns for all our clients in almost 60 different languages. Being spread all over the globe we are just near the corner for you. So get in touch with us today and know more about our international campaigns.