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A dynamic, truly professional and enthusiastic, Mamta has been attached to the THE SEO GURU has an experience of 15 years, and has been serving the company with management and operational responsibility. She is continuously playing her role in making the organization deliver the key level of professionalism and performance to our clients. Handling the day to day managerial activities, she has been a pioneer, opening up new fields of thought and development for our clients. A quick decision maker, manager and a great executor she is involved in all big policies regarding top most decision making and implementing strategies.

Steve lkiko

Managing director – US

A truly professional in technology, Steve lkiko has an experience of over 16 years in the industry, covering a big range of high technological markets. Being a great leader, he supervises the operations in the United States with all his caliber and expert mind, which can be seen in all our US endeavors.With a vast experience, Steve lkiko has been able to provide the agency with huge sales wealth and proper management. Not just this, his capability of handling successful teams makes him a key performer in the agency’s development.

Katharina Müller

Managing director – Germany

Operating in Germany, the main responsibility of Katharina Müller at THE SEO GURU is to come up with great expertise and true professionalism for Germany digital and online marketing industry. His experience and excellence has made him excel in the field and he has all the required knowledge with a positive vision that is of primary requirement for any success story that needs to be written. With his expertise, THE SEO GURU has been able to deliver efficient digital marketing strategies for a better Return on investment to its clients.


Infrastructure Expert (India office)

An outgoing leader with overpowering effect, kashif is one employee who is expert in handling and maintaining. The discipline that he maintains is hard to find. With his powerful hold of things and an expert’s mind to interconnect and interrelate the things, he ahs been like a foundation to the company. A valuable asset, kashif has all technical and economical qualities that makes him excel in his work, providing continuous growth to the company offices globally.