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The staff at The Seo Guru specializes in providing numerous different web-designing services. For instance, if you want static website, we have a team, for open source website, we have a separate team, for CMS driven site, there’s another team of experts. Vast experience and years of expertise enables us to present every client with a unique design that fits the needs of the client. We do complete research, plan and advertise for you to get the maximum results.

We specialize in:

Flash website – a site wherein interactivity, motion and visuals can be added to make it speak more. These are fast loading and smooth sites with low bandwidth. A great start for any business that needs initial growth.

Web Portal Development – The information that you get on World Wide Web is provided by web portal. You get information about anything through wide sources of a portal; like you get on YAHOO, MSN etc. Customers can get services and buy products through web portals and we help you design your web portal according to your needs.

Content management and development – This tool enables the authorized person of your site to add, delete, update and accommodate the site’s content according to the your needs. One can add and delete images and videos too. This tool enables you to send to the target audience the desired and new information.

We provide web designing services at low rates and design your website that is rated best in the industry.