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The Seo Guru search plan for Chaudhary Kennel has proved to be a fabulous push to the existing limits of campaign integration. The policy adopted was combing the sales and promotion processes of the company with the online marketing strategy. Both the things went side by side, and the results are such that it broke off all the boundaries of what any digital marketing campaign has achieved till now.

With a extraordinarily outstanding track record of brilliance in performing SEO operations and multi channel integrated campaigns successfully, Chaudhary Kennel partnered with us again to launch their search campaign the aim of which was:

  • Creating rich and appealing web content pages for the website to maximize the sales and improve the score for every paid search
  • Effective and professional use of Pay per click to increase sales and contacts


  • Our motivated and skilled content developers, prepared quality content for the main pet shop and pet sale pages, ensuring that it has all specific information about every particular breed, even the minutest information was made public.
  • The pages were not only informative, but were made appealing to be eye catchy, keyword rich and provide value for visitors and other search engines. SEO sound the pages are a clear way to increase the conversion rate and more sales.
  • We took care of the budget of PPC and SEO and kept a balance between them, thus, reducing the company’s investment in online marketing, however the sales got increased.
  • Our main motive was not to drive in more traffic but to increase sales, which we fulfilled with ease. Every step planned carefully brought to the company huge benefit.


Even with the advancement in technology, SEO companies fail to focus properly on google analytics and reporting, which is a blunder while planning any digital marketing strategy. At THE SEO GURU, we made it a success for CHAUDHARY KENNEL, because our experts are stuck continuously analyzing the web and reporting to the clients each online movement of online channels, affiliated and display ads etc, making your online campaign a more successful one.