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SEO Guru provides the best Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Training in India through its top SEO institutes based in Delhi, Munirka, Gurgaon, Noida and Faridabad. Apart from providing professional SEO courses, SEO Guru also provides SEO Consultancy to individuals and business houses. It was in the year 2000, that we ventured into the profession of providing Internet Marketing Consultancy and Corporate SEO / SEM training in Delhi and other areas of India. Over the years, SEO Guru have contributed 500+ SEO Consultants to India and abroad. Each web and online professional trained by us is today associated with one or the other Top level Internet Marketing or SEO Consultancy Company.
Benefits: The SEO course offered by SEO Guru provides complete and thorough knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, thereby training its students to become the top professional SEO consultants. Our SEO course at all the different SEO Guru Institutes focus on the workings of search engines. The highest professional standard maintained by the SEO Guru’s Institutes and our SEO trainer ensures clear understanding of SEO tools and skills.

Who Can Apply: Any professional who is interested in making headway in online selling will benefit from our SEO courses. Our high-quality courses are recommended for marketing professionals and IT professionals like website designers, web content-writers, web developers, web testers, etc.

Procedure:SEO Guru, the very first SEO training provider in Delhi, with its rich experience offers only the best courses in the arena of Internet marketing. We provide a bouquet of the best Search Engine Optimization Training courses that are affordable and can be adapted to suit the requirements of corporate as well as individual professionals wanting to excel in SEO. Our SEO training programs impart not only theoretical but practical know-how as well, thereby giving you that cutting edge experience to perform well in the Internet Marketing field and experience the proud feeling of being one of the best Internet Marketers in the industry.


  • Our SEO course suits beginners and marketers looking to learn the basics and advancements in the ever changing field of Search Engine Optimization.

    Any one needs to understand how SEO is:

    • Planned
    • Implemented
    • Executed

    Our SEO training classroom sessions will include:

    • Marketing managers
    • Marketing executives
    • Account handlers
    • Clients
    • proactive business owners
    • Students

  • Introduction: The Search Engine Marketing landscape

    • What is Search Engine Optimisation?
    • Current Market Trends
    • Search Engine Marketing Mind Map

    Phase I – Strong Your Basics

    • How Search Engine Works?
    • Caching, Crawling, Indexing
    • Robots
    • Browser Plugins
    • HTTP Headers
    • Web Server
    • Search Engine Commands
    • Google Algorithm
    • Google Updates

    Phase II – Let’s work on a Project

    • Requirement Gathering
    • Website Analysis/Competitor Analysis
    • A Brief on HTML
    • Keywords Research
    • On Page Optimization
      1. Title  Optimization
      2. Meta Optimization
      3. Link Optimization
      4. URL Optimization
      5. Content Optimization
      6. Citation Optimization
    • Off Page Optimization
      1. What are Inbound Links?
      2. Importance of Back LInks
      3. Traditional Link Building Approach
      4. Link Building Techniques

    Phase III – Post Optimization Practices

    • Google Webmaster Tool
      1. How to Create XML SiteMap?
      2. How to Configure Website ?
      3. How to Use DashBoard and Reports?
    • Google Analytics
      1. Basics of Analytics
      2. How to Use Google Analytics ?
      3. Reports helpful in Search Engine Optimization
    • SEO Reporting Tools



    • Become part of the ever-growing industry
    • Add value to your resume and gain edge in the job market
    • Work from home opportunities
    • Start your own online business

  • Weekday Weekend
    Duration 2 Week 4 week
    Classes / Hours 12 Classes / 24 Hours 8 Classes /24 Hours
    Fee 7,000 Rs 7,000 Rs

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