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Design your ads better, hold any campaign with more expertise, efficacy and increase the visitors on your site, thereby increasing the clicks with the training from our best experts in the industry.

Become SEO savvy and industry certified in just six weeks

  • Anytime, anywhere complete web based training
  • Invent, design and figure out better ads to increase the clicks
  • Get ad extension savvy to increase campaigns on google
  • Get our expert tips on your campaign and account settings
  • Manage the budget per campaign better with our training
  • Learn to use facebook and linkedin, and generate your sales.
  • Learn to save your time with Google Ad words excel and editor
  • This PPC training course being conducted in Noida suits people looking to enter the field of paid online advertising

    Any one who needs to understand how PPC is:

    • Planned
    • Implemented
    • Executed

    Our PPC course will include:

    • Students
    • Professionals
    • Entrepreneurs

  • Introduction: The Paid Search Marketing landscape

    • What is PPC ?
    • Why PPC?
    • Publisher and Advertisers
    • Current Market Trends
    • PPC Management Mind Map

    Some Basics

    • Introduction to Google Adwords
    • Evaluating Markets and Competition
    • Google Adwords Terminologies – Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Ad Pos………

    Let’s Implementation it Online

    • How to Setup Accounts?
    • Keyword Research and Analysis
    • Campaign, Adgroups, Keyword Mangement
    • Search Targeting, Contextual Targeting or Placement Targeting
    • Ad Group Optimisation for Quality Score and Ad Rank
    • Effective Ad Text Copywriting
    • Important Factors for Landing Page Quality

    Something Advance Now

    • Google Analytics Configuraiton with Adwords
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Testing: A/B Split and Multi Variate
    • Interpretation of Results: CTR, Conversion and ROI
    • Best Practice Tips and Tricks for our Google Qualified AdWords Specialists
    • My Client Center


    • The Ad Words Toolbox
    • Keyword Tool
    • Site Exclusion Tool
    • Ad Diagnostic Tool
    • Google Analytics
    • Keywords Spy
    • Spy Foo
    • Google Adplanner

      • Become a certified PPC professional
      • Get employed in the field of digital marketing
      • Existing professionals can enhance their promotion aspects
      • Freelance
      • Start digital marketing business

  • Weekday Weekend
    Duration 2 Week 4 week
    Classes / Hours 12 Classes / 24 Hours 8 Classes /24 Hours
    Fee 7,000 Rs 7,000 Rs