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Safeguard your brands reputation online and build up better interaction with potential buyers through our best strategies and plans.

Become SEO savvy and industry certified in just six weeks

  • Anytime, anywhere complete web based training
  • Know how can blogging be critical for your business
  • Get to use tools like twitter for wide reach
  • Get hold of potential leads via twitter, facebook
  • Make your viral campaigns efficient
  • Build up and improve the reputation of the brand worldwide
  • Our social media optimization course at Noida caters to individuals looking to enter the field of social media optimization

    Any one who needs to understand how SMO is:

    • Planned
    • Implemented
    • Executed

    Our SMO course at Noida will comprise of:

    • Students
    • Professionals
    • Entrepreneurs

  • Introduction: The Social Marketing landscape

    • What is social media?
    • What is Social Media Marketing/Optimization.
    • Why Social Media Required : A Case Study

    Some Basics

    • The ‘Big Four’: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube
    • Other Social Networks
    • Which Network suits to my business ?

    Take a Deep Dive

    Facebook Marketing

    • Face Book Profile Creation
    • Fan Page creation
    • About FBML
    • Basic Terminology – Friends, FANs, Likes, Comments
    • How to increase likes, shares ?
    • Advertising on FaceBook
    • Ad Managemnt and ROI

    Youtube Marketing

    • Creating Youtube Channel
    • How to create youtube friendly videos?
    • How to optimize video for Google?
    • Creating Annotations
    • How to Increase views on videos?
    • Tracking Videos in Google Analytics

    Powerpoint Marketing

    • How to create effective PPTs ?
    • About SlideShare
    • How to Promote PPTs on SlideShare?

    Linkedin Marketing

    • About LinkedIN
    • How to Create Individual Profile ?
    • How to Promote Company Profile ?
    • How to Promote Groups ?
    • How engagement in LinkedIn works ?
    • Twitter marketing
    • Two words media Following & Followers
    • Template importance in Twitter


    • What is Blogging ?
    • Blogging options available on the web.
    • How to do blogging?
    • Importance of blogging?
    • Blogging for Engagement, Traffic & Hobby


      • Improve job prospects
      • Increase chances of promotions and pay raise
      • Start online SMO business
      • Work as Freelancer
      • Become SMO trainer

  • Weekday Weekend
    Duration 1 Week 2 week
    Classes / Hours 5 Classes / 12 Hours 4 Classes /12 Hours
    Fees 7,000 Rs 7,000 Rs