10 Resolutions to Reach Programmatic Zen in 2013

Tis the season to make our resolutions for 2013. But instead of making ones that you know you won’t keep, how about trying our countdown of 10 resolutions to make your programmatic display campaigns more effective this year? Just think of it—all the satisfaction of accomplishing your goals, and no wasted gym memberships. Here’s to your best year yet!

10. I will be kind to others.
But being truly kind is a big step. So why not start by being kind with your ad placements Use precise, contextual targeting layered with audience data to pinpoint the most relevant moments for your ads. You’ll be surprised by how much the right people appreciate hearing from you at the right times. And remember to say “please” and “thank you”.

9. I will open myself up to new experiences.
Order something new off the menu. Choose somewhere you’ve never been for your next vacation. Or get really crazy and add mobile and video campaigns to all your display buys in order to better reach your audience. After all, studies have shown that cross-screen campaigns are more effective, and let’s face it, you’re not getting any younger.

8. I will discover my true self.
Self-discovery is a lifelong journey. Take the first step by seeking to better understand your ad campaigns. Learn more about where your ads are showing and how they’re performing. Insist on full transparency in reporting and the accurate and actionable insights you need to fully know your campaigns.

7. I will take control of my destiny.
Repeat this phrase: “I am strong. I am smart. And, gosh darn it, I will take control of my display buys!” Give yourself the ability to act on the metrics that matter most in your campaigns. Surround yourself with partners and technologies that give you the control to customize your buys and optimize to meet your unique goals. You deserve it.

6. I will develop deeper, more meaningful relationships.
Step 1: Call your mother. She misses you. Step 2: Deepen your relationships with publishers by using private exchanges and preferred deals to combine the best of programmatic buying with direct publisher contact. This way you get access to the right inventory and the right audiences.

5. I will stop punishing myself.
Are your destructive, subconscious thoughts driving you to compete against yourself and pay more for the same impressions? Stop the cycle by becoming more strategic about buying audiences across platforms and consolidating wherever possible.

4. I will live in the moment.
Breathe deeply. Hold it. Release. Each moment in your ad campaign is unique and precious, so find systems that can generate up-to-date reports and optimize your budgets, and bids in real time. Make buying decisions that are right for your campaign at that particular time. It’s a close second to true inner peace.

3. I will get serious about my future.
401(k)s, your kid’s college fund, that marathon you always say you’ll run? Sure, add those to your list this year, but also include finding technologies that will grow your business. Align yourself with partners who are both effective now and are planning for the future—with technology and infrastructure that will scale with the pace of your business.

2. I will give credit where credit is due.
Being in the limelight may feel good, but it’s important to recognize those who have helped you along the way. The same is true for your ads. Give all your impressions their appropriate credit by moving beyond the last-click attribution model. And don’t forget to thank your family and the academy.

1. I will listen to Thoreau.
Thoreau tells us to simplify. But don’t abandon your possessions just yet. Instead, as the display ecosystem gains in complexity and fragmentation, look for solutions that streamline the buying process and make insights and analysis faster and easier. See, no pond necessary.

Happy New Year from DoubleClick Bid Manager! And be sure to check back with us on Friday for five resolutions for better search management in 2013.

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