Case Study: DoubleClick Ad Exchange Helps Advertisers Find Quantcast Lookalikes at Scale

One benefit of DoubleClick Ad Exchange is that buyers can bring their own data, optimization and bidding strategies to the exchange in order to meet their own goals. In a new case study with Quantcast, we look at how they do exactly these things in real-time and at scale through their product, Quantcast Lookalikes.

Data and scale are two things Quantcast embraces. For example, across DoubleClick Ad Exchange, Quantcast achieves an amazing callout rate close to 100%, which means they can respond to almost all of the impressions DoubleClick announces to them. This matters in RTB because the best impressions for a campaign become easier to pick when the buying system sees them all. And since the start of 2011, Quantcast has doubled the number of impressions it handles from DoubleClick Ad Exchange and its overall data processing capability grows rapidly. Quantcast’s system currently generates a live feed of 400,000+ events a second, adding up to over five petabytes (five million gigabytes) of data processed a day with an incredibly high frequency of data points.

Quantcast especially appreciates DoubleClick Ad Exchange as a source of real-time inventory.

As Crispin Flowerday, Real-time Platform Manager at Quantcast says, “Quantcast helps advertisers and publishers get the right impression to the right person at the right time, so we seized on DoubleClick Ad Exchange’s real-time bidding API as soon as it was available to us in 2009. RTB is a key pillar of our efforts to make advertising relevant and audiences valuable and the DoubleClick Ad Exchange is helping us make that dream a reality.”

For more details on how Quantcast Lookalikes are used on the DoubleClick Ad Exchange, download the full case study here.

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