Case Study: DoubleClick Ad Exchange helps NetSeer build brands at scale

Brand advertisers are shifting budgets to the programmatic advertising channel to find perfect viewers for their campaigns across the web. But great brands won’t put their ads just anywhere so advanced media buyers like NetSeer come to DoubleClick Ad Exchange to find safe, high-quality content for their clients.

Finding Scale
NetSeer’s technology uses a proprietary ‘concept graph’ of over 50+ million concepts and over two billion relationships derived from deep analysis of the web. Using concepts instead of keywords, NetSeer scans the content of web pages to understand their true meaning to find the best ad placements for brand campaigns across the web. No wonder clients like AT&T, General Mills, BP and Dell have asked NetSeer to help them promote their brands in the programmatic advertising channel.

To implement their ‘concept graph’ technology, NetSeer chose Ad Exchange because it has the largest pool of premium brand-safe inventory. “To scale any kind of brand targeting, you need a lot of volume and a lot of diversity,” notes Sanjiv Ghate, NetSeer’s VP of Product. “Once you have diversity plus quality, you can build a great campaign across any vertical.”

Branding in action: New Orleans
The New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation and their agency, eBrains asked NetSeer to help bring more visitors to their website, particularly those who would consider New Orleans as a tourist destination. Using its ‘concept graph’ technology, Netseer created a brand-building solution with relevant programmatic channels for a wide variety of target audiences, and AdX provided the quality inventory.

The results “really blew all our expectations,” says Ghate. A Vizu study showed an overall lift of 58.3%, and a lift of 69% for those saying they were “very likely” to consider New Orleans as a vacation destination. A campaign based on music and nightlife reached a lift of an impressive 96.8%.

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