Criteo Gets Great Results Retargeting Audiences at Scale with Real-Time Bidding

Real-time bidding (RTB) solves the challenge of efficiently and effectively acquiring ad space online. It requires two distinct layers of technology: a “pipe” and a “brain.”

The “pipe” provides a server-side connection to an inventory source and announces each impression individually as they become available for purchase. In June of 2010, Criteo integrated with DoubleClick Ad Exchange’s RTB API to access a “pipe” for RTB.

The “brain” is a buying system responsible for making the best inventory acquisition decisions possible, on behalf of the advertiser. Criteo’s platform, which does retargeting on a pure performance, pay-per-click (PPC) basis, is a highly intelligent “brain” of RTB. Criteo submits a different price for every single impression it sees. As an advanced buyer, Criteo manages to handle 100% of the ADX impressions it sees, and submits hundreds of millions of bids every day.

Together, Criteo and DoubleClick Ad Exchange are producing great results. Criteo’s VP of Marketing, Karen Dayan reports, “The relevance of our advertising is demonstrated by the great CTRs and great conversion rates we deliver. For many publishers we regularly deliver CTRs of 1%–which is huge, when the average display CTR is closer to .1%.”

Criteo’s Chief Buying Officer, Jonathan Wolf, says, “Real-time bidding is enabling us to further scale our business, and drive increased volume and performance for our advertisers, while also improving CPMs for publishers. We appreciate the global reach of Google and how easy it is for us to turn on RTB in a new market. That’s what makes DoubleClick Ad Exchange so valuable to us.”

Today, Criteo is a high volume, global buyer with live campaigns through ADX in 19 different countries. Google’s Head of Buyer Development for ADX, Chip Hall, says, “Criteo’s technological focus and entrepreneurial spirit has made them a great partner for DoubleClick Ad Exchange. Their sophistication in buying via real-time bidding on a global scale is impressive and has made them one of our top global partners.”

For more details on how Criteo uses DoubleClick Ad Exchange for retargeting audiences at scale, download the full case study here.

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