Get your DoubleClick Search Fundamentals Certification!

Before jumping into managing search campaigns with any SEM tool, you’ll want to make sure that you and your teams can demonstrate proficiency with the right workflows and techniques to effectively manage large-scale search campaigns.

With this need in mind, we are pleased to announce the DoubleClick Search (DS) Fundamentals online training certification course for new users looking to learn the fundamentals of DoubleClick Search. This self-paced, interactive, online course allows a new user to ramp up on DS basics quickly.

The training modules use interactive graphics, videos, and guided tutorials to teach campaign management, reporting, and the Performance Bidding Suite for bid optimization. After completing the course, trainees take a quiz, and if they pass, will receive a certificate of achievement showcasing their proficiency with DS.

After completing and passing the full program, the trainee should feel comfortable launching and managing a search campaign, analyzing performance through reports, and creating bidding goals through the Performance Bidding Suite.

DS Fundamentals online training certification is offered in English and will be available in multiple languages soon. You can register here (sign-in required; click the link, then locate “DS Fundamentals” course at the top of the Search Results).

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