Introducing DoubleClick Display Benchmarks

Advertisers and agencies who work on display ad campaigns often wonder “How do I know if my display ad campaigns are doing well?” and “What credible benchmarks can I use to compare the results on my current campaign?”

Some might rely on past campaign performance metrics while others might compare across multiple campaigns and advertisers within their client roster. All are fine means in the absence of larger, more comprehensive industry benchmarks.

This is why we’re particularly pleased to make available DoubleClick benchmarks so that marketers, agencies, and publishers have a reference by which to evaluate the performance of online display advertising campaigns in the U.S., relative to industry norms.

These benchmarks are derived from a robust data set across DART for Advertisers, based on rigorous methodology with input from the Advertising Research Foundation. Benchmarks in this report cover those for 2008 and transect ad format, ad size, and industry vertical. The benchmarks are normalized across hundreds of advertisers, thousands of campaigns, and tens of billions of ad impressions.

You can download the report here. More in-depth benchmarks by industry are available exclusively to DoubleClick clients so contact your account manager to discuss further.

If you’re interested in learning more you can attend our webinar, “Benchmarking Ahead: IAB Reveals the DoubleClick Benchmarks Report,” co-hosted with the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) on June 24th at 12pm EST.

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