DoubleClick Digital Marketing helps you create, buy and manage your mobile and video campaigns

In today’s digital marketing landscape, it’s becoming increasingly crucial for campaigns to span multiple screens and ad formats in a cohesive way. Online video is the fastest growing form of display advertising, projected to grow 2.5 times to $6.5B by 2016. (1) And total mobile ad spend is projected to grow ~4.5 times to $22.4B in 2016, representing ~35% of all digital ad spend by 2016. (2)

Given these transformations, we are working hard to build best-in-class tools for our integrated platform that make it easier for you to create, buy and manage successful campaigns across all formats and devices. Today, we’re announcing a series of improvements that aim to help you accomplish this.

The DoubleClick Digital Marketing platform now helps you:

Create more beautiful video and mobile ads in DoubleClick Studio.

Build robust interactive in-stream video ads in DoubleClick Studio, and use the new IAB Rising Star formats to turn your standard 15-second TV commercial into a longer, engaged viewer experience. Check out our demo below!

Preview and test your mobile ads as they will actually appear on mobile and tablet devices. Scan a QR code on your phone or use our Mobile Ads Showcase App to push your ads to mobile and tablet for testing.

Buy video inventory in real time on DoubleClick Bid Manager, and access more mobile and video inventory on DoubleClick AdExchange.

With DoubleClick Bid Manager (DoubleClick’s DSP and real-time bidding platform), you’ll soon be able to programamtically buy and report on your video campaigns in the same place as the rest of your display media. We’ll be offering a video beta for select clients in the coming weeks. Contact your sales rep for more info.

Buyers can now find skippable in-stream video inventory and expandable/interstitial mobile inventory from across the web on DoubleClick Ad Exchange. Ad Exchange continues to grow its available inventory across high-quality content, helping you expand your creative palette.

Manage all of your ads – across devices, formats and channels – with enhanced campaign support in DoubleClick Search and a single reporting interface in DoubleClick for Advertisers.

DoubleClick Search will be supporting AdWords enhanced campaigns over the next few weeks, to help you better reach your customers across locations and devices. By using enhanced campaigns through DoubleClick Search, you additionally gain holistic measurement, a streamlined workflow and better bidding decisions based on your floodlight conversion data.

Track all the metrics for your TrueView in-stream video ads in DFA. Even though the ads aren’t served through DFA, thanks to a single trafficking tag, you can still pull the metrics back into the DFA reporting interface and compare them to the rest of your placements.

With an integrated platform of DoubleClick products that work better together, you not only benefit from top-notch individual products, you also benefit from the efficiencies, insight, and performance gained when all of your campaign’s assets and data exist in one spot.

For more information about the DoubleClick Digital Marketing platform, visit our website.

Posted by Jason Miller, Director of Product Management for DoubleClick

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